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      Assoc. Editors: Cola Franzen, Irene Turner


Since its inception in 1981, O.ARS has been mindful of the limitations of closed systems of representation with their corresponding domains of the other. The watch word has been, following Charles Olson, to push outward, beyond the mesmerizing seas of Modernism and into a present where mirrors no longer divert the body by splitting perception into self and other, lack and perfection.

The oarsman pulls away from the shore, eyes on the past as it recedes. Hence one suggestion in the name O.ARS. The period, Oh Art, a dada-esque pun. Destruction, whether of mirror, syntax, or word: O.ARS: TOWARD A NEW POETICS, a way of making, a way of making a way, not absolute freedom. The oar is a winnowing fan as well as a blade cutting the current. Each issue of O.ARS presents a selection of poetry, visual poetry, experimental prose, essays, and reviews by writers for whom meaning and language are one.

O.ARS 9: Frames, Fields, Meanings (1994). $10.00  ISBN 0 942030 10 9
Contributors: Ray DiPalma, Saul Yurkievich, Rafael Alberti, Bruce Andrews, Mary Rising Higgins, Todd Baron, Bruce Campbell, Andrew Levy, Andrea Kunard, Shiela Murphy, Charles Bernstein, Stephen Ratcliffe, John Perlman.

O.ARS 8: Censorship and the Situation of Poetry (1991). $10.00  ISBN 0 942030 09 5
Contributors: Juan Cameron (Special section), Ron Silliman, Susan Roberts, Eric Wirth, Colleen Lookingbill, Ray DiPalma, Spencer Selby, Dennis Barone, James Sherry, Edith Turner, James Gray, Karl Young.

O.ARS 6/7: Voicing (1990). $10.00  ISBN 0 942030 08 7
Contributors: Joel Oppenheimer, Julio Cortázar, David Bromige, Larry Price, C.D. Wright, Jed Rasula, John Taggart, Ulli Freer, Alan Halsey, Thomas Meyer, William Fuller, Octavio Armand, Bruce Andrews, Stephen Ratcliffe, Margaret Randall, Sheila Murphy, Stephen-Paul Martin, Charley Shively, Steve McCaffery, Jean Day, Alicia Borinsky and others.

O.ARS 3, 4, 5: Translations: Experiments in Reading. $15.00 ISBN 0 942030 03 6
Originally published in three fascicles A, B, C (1983, 1983, 1986). Individual fascicles are available for $5.00 each.
From the introduction: "Translation then is a reading which writes the text again in a new language. It has always been an experiment in reading. And conversely writing has always been a reading of instances of perception."

Contributors: Saúl Yurkievich (tr Cola Franzen), Henri Michaux (tr Charles Simic, et al), Alain Veinstein (tr Todd Kabza and Maria Saiz), Aimé Cesaire (tr Clayton Eshleman), Joseph Guglielmi (tr Christopher Duncan), Kenzaburo Öe (tr Michiko Wilson), Friedrich Hölderlin (tr Richard Sieburth), Octavio Armand (tr Carol Maier), Tristan Tzara (tr Jerome Rothenberg), Helmut Heissenbüttel (tr Rosmarie Waldrop). Also Lori Chamberlain, Klaus Peter Dencker, Carlfriedrich Claus, Stephen Fredman, Bob Perelman, Marjorie Agosin, Juan Cameron, J.T. Barbarese, Charles Doria, Barbara Einzig, Normandi Ellis, Fanny Howe, Paul Kahn, John Perlman, Mweya Tol’ande, Karl Young, Fred Truck. Luciano Ori, Paul Zelevansky, Julien Blaine, Earl Jackson, Jr, Bruce Andrews, Sally Silvers, Jean-Paul Curtay, Henry Hills, Jackson Mac Low, and others.

Coherence and Perception:
Experiments in writing and investigations bearing on postmodern poetics.

O.ARS 1: Coherence (1981). $20.00  ISBN 0 942030 00 1 [Rare]
From the introduction: "PERCEPTION/COHERENCE. A mirror: the slash or virgule indicates a quantity divided by a quantity...The slash indicates the value of discontinuity. It divides as it joins."

Contributors: Andrei Codrescu, Theodore Enslin, Paul Metcalf, Gilbert Sorrentino, Michael Andre, Richard Lyons, Joe Smith, Harold Jaffe, George Chambers, Richard Kostelanetz, karl kemption, Bern Porter, Mark Melnicove, Stephen Knauth, Robert Creeley, Edmond Jabés, Jerome Rothenberg, Rosmarie Waldrop, Ron Silliman, Raymond Federman, David Antin, Barbara Einzig and others.

O.ARS 2: Perception (1982). $20.00  ISBN 0 942030 02 [Rare]
From the introduction: "writing which is thinking/seeing/hearing...Images, like ghosts, must be seen to be apprehended. They cannot be decomposed--when analyzed, both chicken and egg disappear."

Contributors: Nathaniel Tarn, Lyn Hejinian, Charles Bernstein, Rae Armentrout, Cid Corman, Sherman Paul, Vincente Huidobro (tr Cola Franzen), Douglas Messerli, Fanny Howe, Christopher Middleton, Michel DeGuy, Ron Vance, Don Byrd, John Wellman, Alain-Arias Misson, Gil Ott, Craig Watson and others.

The Massachusetts Council for the Arts provided generous support for O.ARS publications.

Publication of O.ARS 6/7, 8 and 9 were partially funded by Daniel Webster College.

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