Name: Lauren Farrow
Department: Computer Science
Division: School of Engineering and Computer Science
Office: ER106
Phone: 603-577-6516


Lauren Farrow is a 3D designer and artist who has created concept art and 3D assets for a wide range of game projects. She has done work for clients such as Red Panda Games and several important figures in the history of Dungeons & Dragons RPG. Some of Lauren's projects include a 3D space shooter game, a commercial 2D Flash game, a third person platform adventure game and an interactive graphic novel.

With a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Art, Lauren also has a large portfolio of paintings and illustrations for private and corporate clients. Her corporate work includes several book illustrations and a storyboard for a 60 second commercial to be produced by Adrenaline Film Productions, Inc., the producers of Survivor seasons 1 — 14.

After undergraduate school in Fine Art, Lauren was offered an internship in graphic design where she used 3D applications such as 3ds Max and Poser as well as 2D graphics software. She then expanded on her 3D skills by earning a Master of Science from Drexel University where she studied architecture and design with a focus on creating digital 3D environments and characters.

Since acquiring her M.S. from Drexel in 2008 Lauren has continued to work on games and has designed 3D trade show environments for clients such as IBM, AMD and Autodesk in venues such as The Lincoln Center, the Museum of Natural History in New York City and The Game Developers Conference at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

In recent years Lauren brought her professional experience to the classroom where she teaches Game Design and Development classes at Daniel Webster College. Outside of the classroom Lauren continues to work on commissioned art and 3D indie game projects.


Drexel University Master of Science
University of Dayton Bachelor of Arts

Example Work

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IBM Smarter Enterprise

3D design and render of a proposal to fabricate a Tram for the IBM Insight Expo. Formerly known as IBM Information on Demand, the IBM Insight conference is the largest big data conference in the world.

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2D Flash Slot Machine Game Widget

An online marketing tool used to illustrate demographic behavior of advertising.

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3D Third Person Shooter

A 3rd person 3D shooter with great mechanics like barrel rolls, exploring, puzzle solving and awesome shooter action used in a new way.

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The Curse of Slate Rock Manor

3D Environment Design, Modeling and Rendering of a Haunted Victorian Style Mansion and Garden for a Graphic Novel adventure game with a focus on environment exploration.