TDK Photo Name: Timothy D. Kostar
Division: School of Engineering and Computer Science: Mechanical Engineering
Office: DW109-G
Phone: 603-577-6064
Office Hours: M/W/F 10:00 - 12:00
T/Th  11:00 - 12:00
Background: I completed my entire Mechanical Engineering education at the University of Delaware.  During my Junior year, I started working part time at the Center for Composite Materials, a world renown research center at the University.  That was my first introduction to composite materials and textile processes.  As you can guess, my graduate work focused on preforming methods for advanced textile composites.  Then began my working career in the world of advanced composites, primarily for aerospace applications.  I have worked for very small to very large companies, primarily as a R&D Engineer and Program Manager.  I took a little time off during my industrial career to teach as a visiting professor at U-Mass Lowell.  From that time on, I knew teaching was in my future.  I finally came to find the perfect college for me to grow with:  Daniel Webster College.  Details of my background may be found in my Resume per the below link.
Education: BSME, MME, Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, University of Delaware, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Center for Composite Materials
Curriculum Vitae:
Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator, Mechanical Engineering:  Daniel Webster College, Nashua, NH, (2010-Present). 

Senior Composite Aerospace Engineer and Program Manager:  Fiber Materials, Inc., Biddeford, ME, (2007–2009). 

Senior Engineer and Program Manager:  Mentis Science, Inc., Manchester, NH, (2005–2006). 

Visiting Assistant Professor: Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts – Lowell, Lowell, MA, (2003-2004). 

Design and Advanced Materials Engineer: Advanced Mechanical Design Section, G.E. Aircraft Engines, General Electric Corp., Cincinnati, OH, (2000-2002). 

Project Engineer and Program Manager: Composites Technology Division, Foster-Miller, Inc., Waltham, MA, (1998-2000). 

Courses Taught: select highlighted courses for link to syllabus
EG200 Statics
EG202 Mechanics of Materials I
EG203 Dynamics
EG208 Materials Science
EG325 Mechanics of Materials II
EG341 Design of Machine Components
EG390 Experiment Design and Analysis
EG409 Composite Materials I
EG400 Composite Materials II
EG410 Heat Transfer
EG420 Design of Thermo-Fluid Systems
MA205 Differential Equations
MA315 Linear Algebra and Numerical Methods
Research Interests (Technical): Composite Materials, Advanced Textiles, Alternative Energy Sources
Research Interests (Engineering Education): Automated Course Assessment Tool (software)
Awards, Honors, and Distinctions:
1991-1992 Director's Award, Center for Composite Materials, Univ. of Delaware.
1993-1994 Scholars Award, CCM, University of Delaware.
Excellence in Engineering and Polymer Science Award, CCM, Univ. of Delaware.
Alice and Joseph J. Young Memorial Award, Dept. of Mech. Eng., Univ. of Delaware.
George and Mary Nowinski Senior Research Achievement, Dept. of Mech. Eng., Univ. of Delaware.
Six-Sigma trained and Green Belt certified (GE Aircraft Engines, 2001).
American Society of Mechanical Engineers (Member and Student Chapter Faculty Advisor).
American Society for Engineering Education (Member).
“Braiding Machine Having Self-Propelled Bobbin Carriers”, U.S. Patent 4,972,756, issued Nov. 27th, 1990, with G-W. Du.
“Orthogonal Weaving for Complex Shape Preforms”, U.S. Patent 7,247,212, issued July 24th, 2007, with S. Subramanian and D. Carper, G.E. Aircraft Engines.
“Method and Apparatus for Ultrasonic Machining”, U.S. Patent 6,932,682 (issued August 23rd, 2005) and 7,497,764 B2 (issued March 3rd, 2009), with T. Rentz, G.E. Aircraft Engines.
“Thermo-Mechanical Property Enhancement Plies for CVI/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composite Laminates”, U.S. Patent 20050186878 A1, issued August 25th, 2005, with T. Darkins and D. Carper, G.E. Aircraft Engines.
“Process of Producing a Composite Component and Intermediate Product Thereof”, U.S. Patent 7837914 B2, issued Nov. 23rd, 2010, with S. Subramanian, D. Carper, and J. Steibel, G.E. Aircraft Engines.
Link to my Resume

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