Name: John Glossner
Associate Professor
Division: School of Engineering and Computer Science
Office: ER112
Phone: (603)577-6110


Ph.D. Electrical Engineering                   TU Delft                             2001
Preliminary Ph.D. Studies                      UNC Chapel Hill                  1995
M.S. Electrical Engineering                    NTU                                   1990
M.S. Engineering Management               NTU                                   1989
B.S. Electrical Engineering                     Penn State                         1985

Selected Job History

CEO:  Optimum Semiconductor Technologies, Tarrytown, NY (2010–present). 

CEO:  Nashua Electronics, Nashua, NH (2012–present).

CTO/Chair of the Board:  Wireless Innovation Forum, Washington, DC (2011–2014). 

CTO, EVP & Founder:  Sandbridge Technologies, Tarrytown, NY (2001-2010). 

Manager & Engineer: IBM Micro and IBM Research (1985-1996, 1999-2001). 

Chief Architect & Manager: Lucent Micro (Agere) & Starcore DSP (1996-1999). 

Adjunct Professor: Lehigh University (1998).


Processor Design, Low Power Green Computing, Parallel Architectures, Parallel Systems, Parallel Programming, General Purpose Graphics Processors (GP-GPU), Digital Signal Processing (DSP), Wireless Communications, Software Defined Radio (SDR), Cognitive Radio, Dynamic Spectrum Access, Financial Modelling, and Audio Signal Processing.


·         2014 Elected to China’s 1000 Talents. First non-Chinese national elected.

·         2013 OST/Wuxi DSP named one of 100 fastest growing companies in China.

·         2012 Software Defined Radio Forum’s President’s Award for SDR accomplishments and contributions

·         2009 EE Times ACE Award Finalist.

·         2005 World Economic Forum’s 2005 Tech Pioneer award winner for developing a technology with the “potential to spark economic development worldwide”

·         2004 Software Defined Radio Conference Best Paper Award for Software Centric Approach to Developing Wireless Applications.

·         2003 Forbes  5th annual “E-Gang” top company winner.

·         2003 Entrepreneur Magazine the Big Guns - Getting Corporate Investors with Traditional VC's.

·         2002 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist.

·         Significant press coverage of Sandbridge technology in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, PC Week, The Economist, In-Stat, CNET News, Extreme Tech,  Engadget, John Peddie’s Tech Watch, EDN, Dow Jones Venture Capital Analyst, Unstrung, Information Week, Wireless Web, and EE Times.

·         IEEE Senior Member

·         Tau Beta Pi (National Engineering Honor Society)

·         Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honor Society)

·         Golden Key Honor Society


·         CS427 Computer Graphics

·         CS203L Sophomore Software Engineering Lab

·         GD425 Game Design Senior Project


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