Name: Kathleen M. Hipp, Ph.D.
Division: School of Arts and Sciences
Office: DW209C
Phone: (603)577-6659
Office Hours: By Appointment

Background: Dr. Hipp is originally from Ohio and came to Daniel Webster in January, 2011. She currently serves as the Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences. She also serves as the ADA Coordinator. She has previously served as adjunct faculty in Psychology at two colleges in Ohio, as well as adjunct faculty, full-time faculty, and Department Chair in General Education at Brown Mackie College in Findlay, Ohio. She has provided textbook reviews for publishers, authored supplemental materials, and proofread texts and dissertations in addition to teaching and administrative work.

Courses Taught: PY101, Principles of Psychology; PY325, Human Sexuality, DW101, Strategies for Success
Education: Ph.D., Social Psychology, Bowling Green State University
M.A., Social Psychology, Bowling Green State University
B.A., Psychology, University of Notre Dame
Research Interests: Although my job does not allow much opportunity or time for research, I have been interested in topics related to Social Psychology, such as judgment and decision making, social cognition, and how people think about chance events. Iím interested in how people apply (or donít apply) logical/rational thought in social situations which may benefit from this type of normative thinking.

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